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Reptile Starter Kits

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"Get Started with our Reptile Starter Kits!"
Looking to start your own reptile adventure? Look no further than GS Exotics & Reptilarium for top-quality Reptile Starter Kits! Our kits are perfect for beginners and seasoned reptile enthusiasts alike. With everything you need to get started, including habitats, lighting, heating, and more, you'll be all set to welcome your new scaly friend into your home. Shop our Reptile Starter Kits today and embark on a thrilling reptile-keeping journey!
Our address is -
GS Exotics & Reptilarium
Unit 3, Llay Road Industrial Estate,
Llay, Wrexham. LL12 0TU
Contact us for additional information at:
Or give us a phone call:
0151 245 5301
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Animal Activities Licence issued by Wrexham Council -  570724
Pet Shop Licence issued by Wrexham Council -  570663
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